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MKS Base V1.5 Controller Board

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A collection of all the functions on a single board to solve the complicated interfaces Ramps1.4 combination, problem-prone fault
Using high-quality MOSFET tube heat better
Control panel and can be connected directly Ramps1.4,2004LCD 12864LCD control panel
Net Weight:80g


Before powering up again confirm whether the positive and negative reversed, if the user is due to reverse power and burn, and we do not guarantee such problems
Do not plug in case of power motor drive easily lead to burn; do not adjust the current in the motor is running. The correct approach is to first disconnect the power, unplug the motor, and then re-power, adjust potentiometer, measure the voltage on the potentiometer until the measured voltage is the same as expected
MKS-BASE is to create customer base for R & D personnel Ramps1.4, Megatronics V2.0 and other open source motherboard problems especially developed to optimize the launch of a product, particularly suitable for mass production 3D printer manufacturers use as the main control board
Give full consideration to the stability, heat dissipation, ease of use issues through continuous printing reliability testing
If special needs can contact the owner with details
Supporting line can refer to: 2PIN, 3PIN, 4PIN
Could be directly connected 2004LCD or 12864LCD (remove the L-shaped adapter plate), due to the open-source design 12864LCD 2004LCD and only standardized EXP1 and EXP2 the PIN port on the horns insertion direction and there is no specific standard, so some non Makerbase production and 2004LCD 12864LCD may be inconsistent data line card port direction, in turn, need to plug to use


Using 4982 as a motor drive, and a 4988 performance fairly, but with SOP package, heat dissipation will be better
The circuit board with high-quality 4-layer, and made a special heat treatment optimization; ramps are 2 shelves
Using a dedicated power supply chip, support 12V-24V power input, the voltage converter chip Ramps solve the heating problem
Could accept 24V input, the same system power can heat the bed current is reduced to 1/4, an effective solution to the hot bed MOS pipe heat problems
The firmware can use open source firmware Marlin, ramps1.4 identical configuration and can directly replace Ramps1.4


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