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Z-probe BL-Touch Auto Leveling Sensor

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3D Printer Z-probeTouch Auto Leveling Sensor Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Touch For Anet A8 mk8 i3 Improve Printing Precision


Voltage 5V
Current 15mA
Maximum(Peak)Current  300mA
Color Semitransparent Black
Cable Length 150mm
Weight 0.35 oz(10g)
Wiring 3Pin:Black(-,GND)
        Blue(control Signal)


3D Printer Z-probe Touch uses the same servo signal which used in previous servo line.

■ Solenoid Push-pin Up ➡ servo signal 90Degree(ex : M280 P0 S90 )
■ Solenoid Push-pin Down  ➡ servo signal 10Degree(ex : M280 P0 S10 )
■  Manual Self-test ➡ servo signal 120Degree(ex :  M280 P0 S120)
■ Alarm Release ➡ servo signal 160Degree(ex : M280 P0 S160)
※  3D Printer Z-probe Touch can be operated in the following condition.
  – One I/O (PWM or Software PWM) for control
  – One I/O for Zmin
  – GND and +5V  power
However, Firmware updating might be needed on a case.
If you use this on an Anet A8 then you need to cross over the YELLOW & BLUE wires. Couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t work until I read the head unit. The Yellow is the endstop and the Blue is the pwm input, I just cut them and reversed them.


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