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Red Lizard Dual Gear Extruder

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  • Item Type: extruder
  • Brand Name: ZANYAPTR
  • Origin: Mainland China


1. The design of four cylindrical bosses on the bottom cover of the extruder can better solve and reduce the vibration and heat caused by the motor.

2. The handle and the adjusting nut are combined with the tightening spring and the ejection spring to achieve the effect of the large spring tightening the small spring ejection, which makes the adjustment more convenient.

3.The double gear design meshes with the double handle double gear, themeshing force is greater, and the slippage and the unstable feeding phenomenon are reduced.

4. The arc assembly design of the upper cover and the adapter, the effect of remote feeding and short-distance extrusion can be switched at will through the adapter fixing block.

5.The extrusion part is composed of nozzles, heating blocks, throat pipes andadapters. The unique extrusion device of the short-range extruder can be better installed, disassembled and replaced.

6.The gears are designed as a whole to reduce the phenomenon of top wire assembly and slippage.

7. Both long-distance feeding and short-distance extrusion are common, compatible with all V6 adapters.

8.Note: When switching the remote and short-range adapters, the consumables must be pulled out before the adapters can be disassembled.

9.4010 cooling fan is recommended for the heat dissipation part of the extruder, and the heating block should be protected by a heating block holster to avoid scalding.



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