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eResin Water Washable Black 500ml

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eSUN water washable 3d printer resin can be washed with water,saving step for alcohol cleaning,greatly shortening the post-processing time.Therefore,water washable resin can improve printing efficiency and be cost-effective.


The molding precision is excellent, with high resolution, the surface of the product printed by water washable resin is smooth, and the printing details are visible. eSUN water washable 3d printer resin‘s mechanical properties, such as strength, toughness, and rigidity, are balanced. Low viscosity, high release rate, easy to print.


Low viscosity

High precision
Balanced strength, toughness and rigidity

Settings Machine Type
Low Light Intensity Medium Light Intensity High Light Intensity (Monochrome LCD Screen)
Representative Machine AnyCubic Photon eSUN LCD 3.0
Nova Bene 4
Creality LD-002R
Anycubic MONO X
Phrozen Sonic Mini
Exposure Time/s 8-10 5-6 Not recommended
Bottom Layer Count 3-5
Bottom Exposure Time 40-60 30-40 Not recommended
Lifting Distance/mm 5.5&6-inch screen:5-6 or Higher ; 8.9&13.3-inch screen:8-12 or Higher
Lift Speed/mm·min-1  90-150  90-120  Not recommended
Retract Speed/mm·min-1    150-200


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