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eSUN Filament 3D ePLA-Matte Dark Grey 1.75mm 1kg

199.00 DH

ePLA-Matte is a cost-effective matte pla filament that is environmentally friendly and easy to print. Compared with ABS, matte pla has higher rigidity and PC-like strength and does not require a closed cavity.PLA matte filament has low shrinkage, no warping and no cracking quality, and suitable for large-size model printing; The support is easy to peel from the surface.

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Filament Properties Table
Density(g/cm3) 1.174
Heat Distortion Temp(℃,0.45MPa) 51
Melt Flow Index(g/10min) 2.1(190℃/2.16kg)
Tensile Strength(MPa) 34.56
Elongation at Break(%) 56.1
Flexural Strength(MPa) 41.21
Flexural Modulus(MPa) 1119.41
IZOD Impact Strength(kJ/㎡) 33.15
Durability 4/10
Printability 9/10
Recommended printing parameters
Extruder Temperature(℃) 190 – 230℃
Recommended temperature 215℃
Bed temperature(℃)  45 – 60°C
Fan Speed  100%
Printing Speed  40 – 100mm/s
Heated Bed  Optional
Recommended Build Surfaces Masking paper, PVP solid glue, PEI


Matte pla filament has no smell when printing, which is safe and environmentally friendly; And the reel is made by reusing injection molding of PETG, ABS, PLA production waste and other industrial waste, and the outer box is made of recyclable paper. Make 3D printing more sustainable with the environmental protection concept; The matte pla surface is delicate and does not show layer lines; the filament is not easy to break which made the printing is smooth for a long time without clogging. PLA matte filament can be used for early concept models and rapid prototyping. Low density, ePLA-Matte single-roll consumables are 21% more than other matte PLA product print models.


Environmental friendly
High-speed printing
Easy to peel off the support

Excellent printability
Hard to break
Matte surface effect
Low density

* Application
Decorative parts COSPLAY
* Print model
  • ePLA-Matte Almond Yellow print model
  • ePLA-Matte Milky White print model
  • ePLA-Matte Mint Green print model
  • ePLA-Matte Peach Pink print model
  • ePLA-Matte print model ice cream
  • ePLA-Matte print model vase
  • ePLA-Matte-Rainbow print model (3)
  • ePLA-Matte-Rainbow print model


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