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IFUN Dental Castable Resin 500ml

799 DH

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UGS : 3DW1TTFD7R6JN Catégories : , , Étiquettes : , ,


Application:①Casting the coping and substructure ②Casting the full contour crown ③Casting the removable partial denture frame ④Dental inlay casting
Rapid printing: the exposure time on a 4K mono printer is only 2.5s per layer, 110 crowns are printed within 40mins, and 7 partial denture frames are printed within 2.5 hours
High precision: smooth surface, this resin can perfectly restore the design details of the digital models, the tolearance is ±50μm
Easy casting:After printing and curing, it’s high deformation resistant, easy casting, no residue after casting, and good surface effect.
Small expansion coefficient:Resin thermal expansion coefficient is low, suitable for casting fine structure objects, high adhesion degree after casting.


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