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Resin Magnetic Flexible Steel Sheet Plate

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UGS : CR23-3DW5Q9UPB84KV Catégorie :


  • Model Number: Resin Magnetic Flexible Steel Plate
  • Item Type: Masking Tape Paper
  • Brand Name: Anet
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Color: Silver
  • Origin: Shenzhen,China
  • Material: Metal
  • Product: Resin Magnetic Flexible Steel Plate

Resin Magnetic Flexible Steel Plate Flex Bed for ELEGOO Saturn  SLA 3D Printer

hromium content, easy to bend and clean. Much easier to remove prints and avoid damages during the process, especially for small prints. Good corrossion resistance and prevent rust. Brushed surface provides better adhesion, ensure a perfect print.
‼Please adjust the z limit switch after installation. It should be 2.7mm higher. That means the printing height will be reduced about 2.7mm. You can print a spacer to compensate the difference. If you do not receive instrucstions coming with the product, please refer to the last 2 pictures we listed on the product webpage which contains instructions in details. Any other questions or issues about the product please feel free to contact us.
The magnetic base offers powerful magnetics, ensure perfect fit with steel plate. The two easy lift tabs(handles) make it easier to remove the steel plate from the magnetic base.
!!! Please clean up your build plate with alcohol to make sure there is no any resin or dust left on the surface. The build plate must be clean and dry. And you need to stick and compact the magnetic base on build plate to make sure no any bubbles. Otherwise the magnetic base would peel off. Please wait for 72 hours after installation and before printing. Tips: You can use hair dryer blow the magnetic base evenly with hot wind for 5-10 mins after installation to increase the adhesion.
The spare steel plate can achieve continuous printing, restart printing before you start cleaning the first, save your time.
Please place your order accroding the following model size details


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